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CHIRON Holistic LIFE & HEALTH Concept

The community contribute in openness with joy in an intergenerational  heartly collaboration to the development and realization of the CHIRON Holistic LIFE & HEALTH Concept. Through the creative exchange of the participants and the interplay of the individual talents and abilities of ALL, new things can develop - innovation and integration arise - "ALLinnoGration".

This creates something common.

The common in the CHIRON Holistic LIFE & HEALTH Concept is also an economic and non-profit interconnection. It is created by the cooperation of the economic partners with the Company CHIRON UG, which is one of the economic partners and whose abundance - profits - flow into the non-profit Sirius Foundation.

All of you, you too, are heartly welcome to participate, either ideally or materially, by taking an offer from the economic partners, to be a partner,  or donating or  bequeathing to the non-profit Sirius Foundation or about non-profit crowdfunding. At the same time, you are doing something for yourself and for others - for the development and realization of the projects of the Sirius Foundation.

Economic partners


- In
Be partner
CHIRON AwarenessEducation
CHIRON AwarenessTravels
Insure duing GOOD(ness)
CHIRON Multimedia Publisher – Magazine CHIRON ALLGLOBE

- Inergy

- InForm

Non-profit partners

Encouraging projects about the Sirius Foundation

Gifts - Talents - encouragement and participation
LiLavendel project
CHILOLA Children's and Youth Academy
CHILOLA Research

Educational center Delhi
Project WHY
Health Care Delhi

Operndorf Burkina Faso


Global Network

The CHIRON Holistic LIFE & HEALTH Concept creates a worldwide network of communities in projects and organizations which live in ALL consciousness.



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